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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Abortion - Mr A Parsons
Analgesia During Labour & Delivery - Dr M Porter
Clinical Examination - Mrs H Kaur
Contraception - Mr A Parsons
Contraception/Infertility - Mrs Kaur
CTG Presentation - Dr J Woodman
Diabetes in Pregnancy - Dr Than Than Yin
Early Pregnancy Problems - Feras Izzat
Fetal Monitoring
Fetal Wellbeing and Antenatal Monitoring - Dr R Venkatakrishnan
Gyneacological Cancer - Sophia Julian, August 2012
Gynaecology Oncology - Mr R Athavale
HIV & Aids - YP Beh, 19th June 2012
Human Immune Deficiency Virus Infection - Huda Taha, ST5, October 2011
Infertility - Mr S Keay 
Intrapartum Care - Mrs Kaur
Menopause - Mr A Parsons
Mechanism of Labour - Claire Allan
Medical Disorders in Pregnancy - Dr Than Than Yin
Medical Disorders - Mrs Kaur
Medical Problems in Pregnancy
Menorrhagia & Postmenopausal Bleeding - Dr A Faulkes
Multifetal Pregnancy - Dr R Venkatakrishnan
Normal Delivery - Dr Woodman
Pharmacotherapy - Mrs Kaur
Practical Issues, History Taking - Mrs H Kaur
Preeclampsia - Dr S Matts
Preterm Labour
Puerperium Normal & Abnormal - February 2011 - Mr L Wood
Revision Mock Exam - Dr J Woodman, 2012
Sexually Transmitted Infections - Dr Y P Beh, SpR GUM, 25th October 2011
STI - Huda Taha, June 2012
Urogynae - Dr Jacqueline Woodman

copyright: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire


reproductive anatomy:  Dr. shaima abuzide
menestruation and ovulation: Dr. Ragab Yamani
miscariage : Dr. maryam gweder
Antinatal care; Dr. Nadia Gantri
antenatal care; Dr. Naser darag
Antepartum haemorrhage; Prof. Mohmed Rahuma. 
Antepartum haemorrhage; Dr. Lubna Maghur
Ectopic pregnancy; Dr. M. Gawass,
 Anemia: Prof. Gawass
ectopic pregnancy: dr. najwa jabu
Gestational trophoblastic diseases; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif
Labour; Prof. Mustafa Gawass       
 Pain relif in labour; Dr. L.Almaghur
preterm labour; Dr. Mustafa Gawass
 Purperium; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif 
Diabetis in pregnancy; Dr. M. Sultane
Diabetes in pregnancy; Dr. L.F. Maghur
urinnary tract infection; Dr. Mohamed Sultane
 Dysmenorhea, Dysparunia and PMT; Dr AlHashmi Alhajras
Rhesus disease; Dr. Sager Zahra
Benign Diseases of the vulva; Dr. Ramadan Gantri
Outline of polycystic ovaries; Dr. Yousif Gadmour
Family planning; Dr. Lubna Almaghur
Breech: Dr. Adulhafed Abuther
Amenorrhea; Dr. Nadia Gantri   
Cesarean Section; Dr. Rajab Yamani
menorrhagia; Dr. manal edress
Menorrhagia; Dr. Abdulla Abudaber
Subfertility; Dr. Yousif Gadmour  
Menopause and HRT; Dr. Abdulla Jali
Infections in pregnancy; Dr. Issam Abushwereb
Intrauterine fetal death; Dr. Abdula Abudaber
macrosomia and IUGR; Dr. shaima abuide
Pubirty and menarche; Dr. Mohamed Sultane.
premenestrual tension; Dr. shaima abuide
mental disorders of pregnancy; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif.
coagulation failure in pregnancy; Dr Alhashmi Alhagras
Uterine fibroid; Dr. Abushwereb  
Cancer endometrium; Prof. Gawass.
Cancer Cervix; Prof. Mustafa Gawass.
ovarian cancer; Dr. abduhafed abuther.
vulval cancer; Dr. Emdalla Alashig.
 Obstetric emergecy; Dr. Abdula Abudaber
Urinnary incntinance; Dr. Nadia Gantri -


The Vulva/Neoplasms and Common Benign Lesions

Operational Obstetrics & GynecologyIntroduction to operational medicine and women in operational settings.
Medical Support of Women in Military SettingsDeployment issues and Pre-deployment planning
Sexual AssaultDealing with victims of sexual assault.
Breast ProblemsCommon breast problems and treatments.
Breast Self-ExamStep-by-step educational presentation for all women. Includes a brief video.
Birth Control PillsManagement of BCP issues in operational environments is emphasized.
ContraceptionAlternative methods are explored.
Abnormal BleedingCauses and treatments of abnormal bleeding.
Vaginal Itching and DischargeExpedient solutions for operational settings are presented.
Vulvar LesionsImages of the various vulvar lesions commonly encountered in operational settings.
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)This biology of this common virus is examined and various clinical treatments are explored.
Abdominal and Pelvic PainProviding care to women in operational settings who suffer from abdominal or pelvic pain.
Performing a Pap SmearStep-by-step description of how to obtain a Pap smear. Includes a video.
Problems with UrinationThe variety of urination problems women may experience.
Normal PregnancyThe normal course of pregnancy and common, minor obstetrical problems.
Abnormal PregnancySignificant obstetrical abnormalities during pregnancy.
Normal Labor and DeliveryManagement of the normal laboring patient.
Abnormal Labor and DeliveryCommon problems that may be encountered during labor and delivery.
Care of the NewbornImmediate post-delivery care of the newborn infant.
How to Perform a Wet MountStep-by-step instructions on how to actually perform a wet mount and read the results under the microscope. Includes through-the-scope videos.



Blood Group Incompatibility in Pregnancy
Breech Controversies for Postgraduates
Caesarean Section – See also Caesarean – Why So Many?
Caesarean – Who Needs One?
Caesarean Risks
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

Cancer Uterine Cervix
Cancer Uterine Body 
Carcinoma In Situ Cervix

Cardiotocography - See CTG Introduction
Understanding CTGs
Advanced CTGs 

Cholestasis of Pregnancy
CMV Infection in Pregnancy
Consultation and Risk Management for Postgraduates
Clinical Estimation of Gestation
Diabetes in Pregnancy

Discomforts of Pregnancy
Drugs in Pregnancy
DysmenorrhoeaDysfunctional uterine bleeding

EndometriosisIntrapartum Epidural Anaesthesia

Fetal Growth
Fetal Wellbeing
Fistulas (Urinary and Faecal)

Group B Streptococcus in Pregnancy - To screen or not to screen?
Gestational Trophoblastic DiseaseGynaecological Endoscopy
Gynae History-taking
Case Histories Self Tests: 16 yo with Dysmenorrhoea45 yo with irregular PV bleeding56 yo with irregular PV bleedingPostmenopausal bleeding on Tamoxifen37 yo with menorrhagiaBleeding in Early PregnancyContraceptive Problems,Fetal Distress in LabourDrugs in Pregnancy,  A Couple with Infertility

Severe Obstetric HaemorrhageHeart Disease in Pregnancy
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Herpes in PregnancyHIV & Pregnancy 
Hypertension in Pregnancy
HysterectomyHigh Parity Pregnancy (The Grande Multipara)

InfertilityIntrapartum Emergencies
The Incompetent Cervix
Induction of Labour for Postgraduates
Large for Dates and Small for Dates
 Uterus in Pregnancy
Small-for-Dates Baby in PNG
Labour & Delivery for Postgraduates
Labour Second Stage
Listeriosis in Pregnancy

Prolonged Pregnancy for Postgraduates
Ventouse or ForcepsVulval Skin Disease
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