Monday, August 3, 2015

Fine Particulate Matter Not As Dangerous As EPA Claims

Writing in his column for the Washington Times (7/20), JunkScience editor Steve Milloy argues that fine particulate matter, the pollutant that is often used by the EPA to justify regulations as its reduction is claimed to significantly improve premature mortality rates, is not as dangerous as the agency considers it to be. He addresses the scientific studies behind the EPA’s recommendations and criticizes their lack of transparency and accountability to opposing conclusions.

Opposition To Larger Health Warnings Grows In India

The Deccan (IND) Herald (7/30) reports that opposition to health warnings covering 85% of tobacco packages in India has expanded from the tobacco industry to include 13 petitions from groups such as the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce Of India) while no major hospitals have supported the measure. The piece notes that 26 petitions support larger warnings, however, as the Lok Sabha Committee on Subordinate Legislation prepares to issue a report on the matter to the House.

Cancer Patients Who Do Rehabilitation Prior To Treatment May Recover More Quickly, Some Specialists Say

The Kaiser Health News (7/29, Andrews) reports that “cancer patients who do rehabilitation before they begin treatment may recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, some cancer specialists say.” However, “insurance coverage for cancer ‘prehabilitation,’ as it’s called, can be spotty, especially if the aim is to prevent problems rather than treat existing ones.
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