Pulmonary medicine has emerged as one of the main sub branches of medicines and has become very popular among the younger generation because of the interventional aspects it offers. Here are the links for various topics in pulmonary medicine.

There is a separate site for pulmonary medicine which I have created, http://chest-medicine.blogspot.in/  I have included notes and other topics in the site, please visit http://chest-medicine.blogspot.in/

1.  Download Link for lecture  notes in  respiratory medicine link
2.  Lung cancer information center link
3.  Interactive Respiratory Physiology Johns Hopkins University [English] link
4.  National Lung Health Education Program [English] link
5.  Pulmonary Curriculum Diseases Loyola University [English]  link 
6.  Pulmonary-medicine-Mt.-Sinai-Hospital-[English] link
7.  Pulmonology-eMedicine-[English] link 
8.  Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy link  by Chevalier Jackson  Description
A book on intestinal endoscopy, which included tracheobronchoscopy, was written by American laryngologist  Jackson Chevalier (1865-1958) of Pittsburgh in the same year. He also performed the first removal of an  endobronchial tumor through a bronchoscope in 1917 and was the first professor of bronchoscopy at the University of Pennsylvania in 1920. Extensively illustrated classic on endoscopy.

1.  The Global Plan to Stop TB 20112015 (PDF 101) link 
2.  British guideline on the management of asthma (PDF 151P) link 
3.  Protect Yourself Against Tuberculosis A Respiratory Protection Guide of Health Care Workers  (PDF 32P)  link 
4.  Atlas pulmonaire CHU de Saint Etienne [Franais] link 
5.  Chestx ray.com [English] link 
6.  R.A.L.E. Repository Digital Recordings of Respiratory Sounds [English] link

  Guidelines


1. GOLD guidlines 2014 for diagnosis, management of COPD


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