Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sitting May Be Linked To Increased Blood Sugar, Cholesterol Levels

AFP-Relaxnews (8/1) reported that “being healthier may be found in something as simple as standing more and sitting less at work, said astudy” published in the European Heart Journal.
        HealthDay (8/1, Reinberg) reported that investigators “found that an extra two hours per day spent standing rather than sitting was associated with approximately 2 percent lower blood sugar levels and 11 percent lower average triglycerides.” The study also indicated that “more standing time was also associated with an increase in HDL...cholesterol and a drop in LDL...cholesterol.”
        MedPage Today (8/1, Brown) reported that “the associations of sitting with fasting glucose and lipids were independent of moderate to vigorous physical activity, according to the” investigators.7
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