Monday, January 11, 2016

Doctors, Please Destress Yourself

By Dr Deepu

Off late there are many instances where questions on stress levels of doctors are raised. Recently a survey also revealed that a majority of resident doctors are under stress and also a startling revelation about increased suicide rates among young doctors. Here I want to share a message received on social media.

Dr.Amol Pampatwar 2011 batch Gmch Aurangabad ms Obgy died due to massive ami today at 9.20 am while travelling from miraj to Kolhapur .
He was very soft spoken person n.married a year ago .
Pm showed lad infarct with multiple plaques in coronaries.neglected chest pain for two days....
May his soul rest in peace..... Recently we are hearing news about many young doctors facing morbidity/mortality due to life style diseases like MI etc.
Here are views, though from very short experience:

Doctors are the one who neglect health and healthy lifestyle the most.
Few things that I found helpful are:
1. Practice is a continuous process... You are there in hospital for patients and not vice a versa. So dont get bothered much by fluctuations in practice.

2. Patients need you more than, you need them..
So set your limits. Stop OPD on time. Avoid patients who want to take ur leasure time (few patients feel pride in visiting u on sundays or off ur opd time).

3. 'Put your eggs in different baskets' is a good saying, but dont put them in too many baskets that you are worried about missing few. So dont keep so many attachments to hospitals.  Every new attachment demands time plus travel. Stressing us further.

4. Most important, Set your own targets ..  not the targets that ur colleague/competator has set. He may be  earning much more .. but he might be paying the cost in some other ways (family.. hobbies.. friends etc).

5. When in doubt about health  dont be your own doctor.

6. Give time to family and friends, in hour of trouble they are the one who will be with you in hospital and not ur bosses or professional colleagues. ..

7. "Happiness lies in satisfaction". If we are not satisfied, we will not be happy even if we earn highest in world.
8. Best time to be happy is now, best moment to be happy is present moment. Learn to enjoy the whole  journey, dont wait to be happy till u reach the destination!!
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